Pesto-Braised Brussels Sprouts

February 16, 2012 § 4 Comments

Pesto and brussels sprouts? It’s a refreshing take on the many bacon and roasted versions out there – though I love those variations as well! Earthy, robust brussels sprouts and baby portobello mushrooms braised in a pesto sauce makes for a nice side or vegetarian main dish (substitute the chicken stock for veggie) during these cooler months of the year. I never really liked brussels sprouts growing up until just a few years ago when I was trying out new dishes in the kitchen. I stumbled upon an episode of Paula Deen one night flipping through channels featuring a guest who was cooking brussels sprouts with bacon. Don’t get me started on Paula Deen’s recent diagnosis of Type II Diabetes – this was probably one of the healthier dishes featured on her show. Still love her though!

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